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Contractors and operatives are often faced with the struggle of safely locating and exposing buried utilities for planned maintenance. To reach underground services like this, the ground needs to be excavated. However, traditional excavation methods such as using hand tools, manually digging, or using machinery can pose a risk to services, potentially resulting in damage to the line and even a strike. 

Using a suction excavator is the perfect solution for this common industry problem. This modern technology has been developed to provide safe and effective ground excavation for a variety of applications. It’s suitable for removing ground to access utilities so is a common practice on many civil engineering sites, but it is also commonly used in airports, highways, rails, telecoms, construction projects, plus the gas, water, and power industries.

If you’re wondering why you should choose vacuum excavation for your next project, here are our top 5 reasons why to hire suction excavators from Utility Site Solutions:

1. Faster and more productive 

Manual digging techniques are slow, laborious, and time-consuming, meaning it takes longer to get the job done and can end up being quite costly! Suction excavation trucks can perform this job speedily and efficiently. In fact, suction excavators are over six times more productive than manual excavation methods, even in challenging conditions with heavy and wet soil. Plus, due to the speed of the service, utility companies can plan and schedule work with ease! 

2. Safer for operatives 

Whilst a service strike causes damage to reputation and inevitably leads to loss of revenue, it also has a serious impact on the health and safety of personnel. Service strikes can result in serious injury or even death. Utility Site Solutions believe that a safe working site should be a priority for every industry; vacuum excavation can offer this. The precise control the technology offers means that working around utilities is easy and you can complete excavation without the risk of a strike whilst protecting operatives.

3. Less disruptive 

Due to the precision of the technique, less ground needs to be disturbed to complete the job. This is great for roadways or other areas where excavation could cause disruption to traffic, meaning this method is ideally suited to urban areas such as towns and cities and is favoured by local authorities. Plus, the speed of the excavator means the job can be completed quickly, reducing noise pollution and causing minimal disruption to residents.

4. Better for the environment

Another benefit of the equipment’s precise control is that work can be completed around greenery, trees, and plants without uprooting them. As the suction method also allows less ground to be moved, the size of the excavation site is much smaller than conventional methods, meaning fewer lorries are needed, thus reducing your carbon footprint. For businesses with a vested interest in their green credentials, this method provides the perfect solution. 

5. Cost-effective 

As discussed above, this technology is more efficient and offers much faster results than manual digging, meaning operatives can complete a job quicker than by hand. Plus, the accuracy and precision of the trucks mean that there is reduced risk of damaging any unforeseen utilities and fixtures, so you are less likely to incur any additional costs, making this method the most cost-effective choice and offering additional peace of mind.

Hire a suction excavator from Utility Site Solutions today, we have years of experience in the industry and all of our operators have completed training and are accredited. Please get in contact with us for more information or to discuss your requirements by calling 0800 779 7575 or filling out our contact form. We offer nationwide flexible contracts as well as one-off services.

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Suction Excavator Solutions – Nationwide Coverage

Contractors and operatives are often faced with the struggle of safely locating and exposing buried utilities for planned maintenance....


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