Utility Site Solutions are highly qualified plant hire professionals who are equipped to solve all of your excavation needs – even the most challenging ones! 

We have a flexible fleet of vacuum excavation trucks that are designed to perform excellently for a variety of industries, applications, and job sites. Our twin and triple fan units are suitable for excavating even the toughest grounds, offering precision, efficiency, and enhanced safety. 

We always work with you to ensure we provide the best solution for your needs. Each project is different and will have different requirements and pressures. That’s why we work with you to understand key variables such as the ground conditions, site access, tipping constraints, and the distance the vacuum system will be from the core excavation site to ensure that our service is optimised to match your exact expectations and needs. 

Our hire fleet includes: 

ESE 6 RD 8000

The ESE 6 RD 8000 is the ideal vehicle for heavy excavation. The combination of high suction capacity and compact dimensions make the model an all-rounder for daily use on the construction site. 

ESE 6 RT 10000

The ESE 6 RT 10000 is a very powerful excavator suitable for all applications ranging from special excavations to the industrial sector. Equipped with the maximum suction capacity available with a triple fan and the largest possible container volume with a capacity of 10 m³, this model can cope with all tasks given. This excavator is also suited for all hard to reach jobs that will give better suction over further distance. 

Our suction excavator trucks are available for hire 24 hours a day, nationwide.

Our trucks offer a quick, cost efficient, and safe method of working for all excavation applications. Our high quality units are operated by highly skilled professionals who perform the job effectively, every time! 

The benefits of vacuum excavation are numerous, don’t miss out on the improved efficiency of suction technology. Flexible hire options available. Contact us by calling 0800 779 7575 to discuss how our services can meet your requirements. 

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