Utility Site Solutions are an expert provider of vacuum excavation equipment for hire. From our base in the heart of England, we can provide trusted services to the Midlands and beyond, serving the entire nation with safe, reliable and cost effective excavation solutions! 

We aim to provide the best service we can to our customers, providing them with the most efficient solution to suit their excavation requirements. 

Why hire vacuum excavation equipment? 

Eliminate damage to underground utilities 

Vacuum excavation eliminates the risks involved in damaging underground utilities. While previous methods of digging with hand tools and excavators could harm the utilities, even leading to severe injury and death, excavation using suction technology offer extreme precision, effectively removing the risk. 

Safer working site

This leads to a safer site with the use of Utility Site Solutions equipment. It’s much less invasive than traditional methods whilst offering a lower cost with a higher level of precision, so not only is it safer but it’s also far more effective! 

Quicker results

Vacuum excavation allows you to complete jobs faster than manual digging, resulting in reduced disturbance to businesses, residents, and essential services. This is especially useful for projects in built-up urban areas where prolonged noise pollution could be an issue. 

Better for the environment

As well as being the safest and most economical form of utility excavation, suction equipment is a greener alternative to traditional methods. In the same way that the precision of the equipment protects utilities, we can also use the accuracy of our units to allow us to remove the ground between trees with minimal disruption. Additionally, by using vacuum technology, less equipment is required so that we are drastically reducing the amount of dust being released into the air whilst also decreasing the carbon footprint on your project.

Suitable for providing multiple on-site solutions  

The unique power and precision of these vehicles provides the ability to work at many distances and depths and is suitable for even the most sensitive applications and environments.

To summarise, the benefits of vacuum excavation include eliminating the hazard of underground utility strikes, minimising traffic disruption, lowering reinstatement costs, and reducing the manpower and equipment needed for each job! 

Several different industries can benefit from suction excavation including railways, civil works, highways, power plants, waterworks, gas and power power utilities, construction, and telecoms.

Hire with Utility Site Solutions

Whether you’re completely new to the technology and would like to benefit from the amazing efficiency of suction excavation on your next project or you regularly use this method, our fleet and flexible hire solutions will provide you with the perfect solution to your business needs. 

Our modern equipment range is of high quality and is maintained by our team of professional technicians who have years of experience in the field. All hire equipment is quality checked and available in pristine condition, operated by our highly qualified experts who are specifically trained in equipment operation.

To discuss how our hire solutions can help your business, please get in touch with us. Call 0800 779 7575 or click here to fill out our contact form to speak with a friendly member of our team. 

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