Utility Site Solutions have invested heavily in its fleet of vacuum excavators, with twin and triple fan units available. Suitable for excavating the toughest grounds in the most challenging conditions, our fleet provides the ideal solution for every industry.

How does suction excavation equipment work?

  1. The onboard fan system creates an airflow from the intake nozzle, through the container and filter system, then finally through the fan system and out the top of the suction excavator through the sound absorbing unit.
  2. Then, the remote-controlled boom is placed over the working area, allowing 6-8 inches for the airflow created by the fan system to draw material up through the 250mm diameter nozzle. This eliminates the need to come into contact with the buried service, maximising the safety of the operative and the service itself.
  3. The operative is then able to direct the intake nozzle via remote control. This gives them full control of the point of excavation from a safe position. With the works area cordoned off, no operatives are near the areas in question. As the ground may become tougher, the use of an air lance may be required. No hand tools are used at any time.
  4. Material is then deposited in the container located at the rear of the vacuum excavator. This container stores the material and can hold between 8 and 10m3. Finer particles and dust are captured in the bank of micro-mesh filters separating all material from the air. Air then passes through the fan system and out through the vacuum excavator.
  5. Once the container is full, the material is tipped via the side of the truck into a heap of spoil or directly into a skip.

Why choose suction excavation equipment?

As you can see, this method is low impact and non-destructive, making it the preferred method of many companies including fuel and energy distribution companies who need access to underground pipework frequently.

For all industries though, this technique is favoured for its increased safety and reduced environmental impact. Making it safer for personnel to operate and safer for the planet in the long-term. It’s a win-win situation! It’s also highly cost effective and the reduced risk of service strikes give business owners peace of mind and added assurance that they won’t be landed with a hefty bill!

Common uses and applications

Vacuum excavators are commonly used in a variety of industries where safe and reliable excavation is needed. This includes but is not limited to:

Other common uses include tunnel building, waste transfer and disposal, building renovation, tree root excavation, archaeology, and even emergency services and disaster sites! Whatever your requirements, be it small business or heavy duty operation, we have the equipment to complete the job effectively and efficiently.

All of our vacuum excavation equipment is available for hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are operated by fully trained and competent drivers who have years of experience working in professional utility services.

To arrange suction excavation equipment hire, please contact us to discuss your requirements by calling 0800 779 7575. Alternatively, you can fill out our online contact form and a member of our team will answer your query.

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