Gully Emptying Vehicle Hire with Utility Site Solutions

Gullies play an important role in ensuring rainwater is drained from roads and pathways, helping to prevent flooding and promoting the successful flow of water away from areas where it may cause problems for the general public. 

When gullies become blocked they will not perform as efficiently, leading to a variety of commercial, residential, and domestic problems. Unfortunately, blocked gullies are something that often cannot be avoided as over time debris such as leaves, stones, and general dirt and grime can cause a build-up, eventually leading to a blockage. 

Here, at Utility Site Solutions, we have state of the art road sweepers with high vacuum power capabilities to make easy work of any gully emptying requirements. Say goodbye to bothersome blocked gullies in an instant with our flexible road sweeper hire contracts. 

What is gully sucking? 

Gully sucking is performed by our tailored road sweeper trucks designed to use suction to remove debris, wastewater, mud, slurry, and any other contents from the drain.

Gully sucking is important as a preventative measure as regular maintenance, checks, and services will keep them performing effectively and efficiently. Failure to maintain them can lead to environmental issues and even incur costly damage to roads, pavements, and drainage systems. 

For this reason, gully emptying is a service best performed as part of a regular maintenance plan or monthly cleaning procedure. However, our services are available whenever you wish, as part of a routine or in an emergency when emptying needs to be carried out as a priority. 

How does it work? 

Our road sweeper trucks are equipped with high vacuum power which means that they offer exceptional gully emptying performance. We can carry out the work in a few easy steps:

  1. Park our vehicle alongside the gully we need to empty. The compact size of our Johnston sweepers means they are perfectly suited to perform in many environments including hard to reach spaces. 
  2. A suction hose is inserted into the drain and a high powered vacuum is used to suck out any debris. 
  3. Our trucks can pump out any grit, solids, and liquid waste that has gathered in the area. 
  4. Contents are then properly disposed of at a designated recycling or landfill site.

Our hire fleet

Our fleet of new Johnston VT652 truck-mounted sweepers are perfectly positioned to provide expert road and highway sanitation. Reliable, efficient, and cost-effective, these sweepers offer powerful performance for even the toughest applications.

The trucks are equipped with a high pressure washing system suitable for cleaning drains after gully emptying and for removing any stubborn stains or debris from roads. Plus, the 15mm top-mounted wander house is highly suited for the most challenging gully sucking applications.  

Flexible contracts available today 

Utility Site Solutions offer a 24 hour hire service, 365 days a year to all of our customers. Our high quality equipment is operated by experienced and professional operators who have unique application skills and knowledge in this area. 

To discuss hiring a gully emptying vehicle with us, please get in contact to discuss your requirements and receive a quotation. Call 0800 779 7575 or click here to fill out our contact form and one of our team members will get back to you.

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Gully Emptying Vehicle Hire with Utility Site Solutions

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